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    Please fill out the information requested below in order to process a Residential Tax Assessment Appeals Application with Assist Owner. This form is intended for residential properties only. We will contact you as soon as we receive your details to have you remit a one-time payment of $99 per property and proceed with our services.

    Property Information

    Owner Information

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    Terms of Service

    Assist Owner (hereinafter referred to "ASO") agrees to assist you (hereinafter referred to as the "Client") with residential property tax appeal services for the current tax year for the above stipulated Parcel ID, Tax Identifier or Property Address.

    By requesting this service, ASO will make reasonable efforts to assist Client to obtain a more equitable and fair taxable value.

    By using this form, Client agrees and authorizes Assist Owner to investigate residential real estate assessment values with the city/county/state taxing authorities for the purpose of finding means to reduce the assessed value on the referenced residential property(s) submitted. This Agreement shall supersede any pre-existing property tax service agreement with any other firm or individual. A copy or submission form of this authorization shall be as valid as the original.

    Service Agreement

    In exchange for residential property tax services, Client agrees to pay Assist Owner an administrative fee per parcel appealed.

    $99 Administrative Fee per parcel appealed. The administrative fee is due upon engagement.

    Our entire liability in representing you and Client's property(s) in this regard is limited to the Administrative Fee Client has paid to ASO under the Agreement.

    To engage our services, please digitally sign your name below and our office will contact you to remit payment as soon as possible before the County's appeal deadline. By submitting this form and digitally signing below, you agree to the Terms and agree that we are authorized to represent you. We look forward to representing you and attempting to minimize your property tax liability. Thank you for your business.